Seiko 6458-6020 JDM Quartz Mid Size 200m Diver from July 1985

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Please note all marks in the photos are on the glass not the dial which is pristine.

The 6458-6020 JDM Diver is an interesting watch for three reasons. The first is that at 38mm it was smaller than most divers of the time, secondly it was only produced for the domestic market in Japan for less than a year between 1984/5 and the third is that Seiko gave it the status of 'Professional' and rated it to 200m. Little is known about the reason Seiko introduced this watch which had it's roots in the the 7548-7000, Seikos first attempt at a quartz powered dive watch that had a case size of 42mm. After the very short production run the 6458 was replaced in 1986 by the 7C43 which was also sized at 42mm. So with a mysterious less than one year production run and considered 'mid size' the 6458-6020 is interesting & fairly rare, especially in good condition. It's also the perfect option for anyone looking for a slightly smaller sized diver.

This watch dates from July 1985. Not pressure tested or guaranteed waterproof.

Dial: Black, in excellent condition, hour marker lume in excellent condition

Bezel: Original bi-directional with good movement and click. Original black insert with in excellent condition

Day/Date at 3 o'clock Day in English and Kanji, features the classic Saturday in blue and Sunday in red

Glass: Original Hardlex with a couple small of scratches that are more noticeable in the photos than in reality.

Hands: Original, excellent

Case: Original, unpolished stainless steel, minor age related wear but no dings, case-back is excellent with serial number and reference very well defined

Jewels: 7

Diameter: Approx. 38mm

Lug width: 19mm

Band: New Uncle Seiko Tropic 

Crown: Original screw down, well fitted

Year and location of manufacture - July 1985 - Serial No.577731 - Japan